Reception Desk

Are you looking for something that will warmly welcome your guests? You might need a modern reception desk for your building.

When people walk into your building, it’s the first thing they see. The center feature of any reception space is a modern reception desk. A reception desk is important to provide for visitors; they have a clear place to go for information and to check-in.

Your building should have a modern reception desk for a good first impression. A reception desk enhances the beauty of your building.

What is a Reception Desk?

A reception desk is a very important thing to use in a building. When someone enters a building, they need someone to guide them to find their destination. And a reception desk is best for that. A reception desk is normally placed in front of the main entrance. So a guest can easily go and ask their questions to the receptionist.

Various Types of Reception Desks in The Office

You can choose different types of modern reception desks for your building. Such as curved modern office desks. It is easy to assemble a single-unit reception counter for the lobby. Every curved modern reception desk has a strong metal frame and a thermofused laminated wood body with a cherry finish. The curved reception desk gives our visitors a welcoming impression. It can also be used in a lobby, hospital, clinical center, salon, school, Secretary, or receptionist.

The 2nd one is an L-shaped bow front desk. Applying an L-shaped bow front desk design is perfect for placement in the middle of a room or office. It is ideal for use in an office setting.

The third one is a left-hand up-front deal shell. It’s also kind of L-shaped. This desk accepts keyboard trays in the center position and a 3/4 pedestal in the left or right position.

Who Uses It?

The reception desk is mostly used in hospitals, offices, or clinical centers but can be used in several institutions. A secretary or a receptionist uses the reception desk.

Advantages of The Reception Desk

A reception desk is an essential part of a building or office. When a person visits the building, he can easily find his way by asking the receptionist. Also, who is coming in and going out is easy to monitor. The secretary or the receptionist at the reception desk can keep all the information. Having a reception desk in an office is important.


Why Should the Front Desk be Facing The Door?

Always face the door when setting up a reception desk. Because your guest will want to know where to go and who to speak with to steer them in the proper way as soon as they walk into your office.

That’s why you should always place your reception desk facing the door. But don’t put it too close to the door.

What Should Be On The Reception Desk?

The receptionist should be seated in a chair that is both comfortable and ergonomically correct. While the guests are waiting, they should be able to sit in chairs. There should be a surface for visitors to keep their purses, briefcases, or any other belongings while waiting. There should be a table to provide books and magazines. A reception desk should be well decorated.

What is The Average Size of a Reception Desk?

There are many sizes of reception desks. The reception desks are generally long, from 60″ to 72″. But many models are going up to this general size. You can also make a reception desk with your customized size and design.


In an office or building, the reception desk is an important waypoint for visitors and workers. A receptionist is a person who guides or helps the visitors move on to their next destination.

Lastly, I hope now you know the importance of a reception desk. If you want to make your office elegant, you must plan a reception desk for your office. You should choose the reception desk wisely. Not every type of desk will look good in your room. Get a reception desk that is suitable for your room.