Kitchen Design

Designing a kitchen is the trend as well as the need of today’s creative world.

Though it is not that old a custom, it has grabbed enough attention from well-organized people. With every new idea, every innovative layout for designing a kitchen is evolving. As per the choice of domestic household or commercial necessity.

From the basics to executing the perfect layout for your kitchen falls under kitchen design. There are simple, minimal designs as well as traditional ones. Furthermore, the design differs in residential and commercial kitchens. This new craze is in demand from professionals to rookies.

Before designing a kitchen, it is important to take into account the available space, the kitchen’s location, and the available budget. Most importantly, your taste and needs should be the priority. We can showcase various theories and a practical sketch of the kitchen as we move forward with our topic.

Basics of Designing a Kitchen

An apparently new phenomenon is kitchen ergonomics. It relates to the science of conditioning the surroundings for their more productive use. Kitchen ergonomics focuses on a triangle in the kitchen plan people’s.

The Working Triangle

This triangle is basically an imaginary line among the sink (preparation area), stove (cooking spot), and refrigerator (storage area). There should be sufficient but not too much space among them for the user to move around freely.

Different Layouts for Kitchen Design

The kitchen layout is the blueprint for the kitchen. It gives a shape to your desired design. Though plenty of layouts are available on the market, some are basic. You can consider the basics for whatever space and budget you got for shaping your kitchen.

The layout resembles the taste and priority of individual users. Below are several layouts that will give you a general concept.

  1. The One Wall or Straight Kitchen

In this pattern, all the cupboards align on a single wall. But there can be vertical diversion between the cupboards. Even so, you can’t really draw an imaginary triangle here as the 3 components follow a straight line. Still, putting your stove in the middle of the refrigerator and sink being on the two ends can help.

This layout is highly effective for kitchens with lesser spaces.


  1. The Galley Kitchen or Parallel Kitchen

This version contains two rows directed towards each other. The emerging pathway between them gives away the Galley name. A parallel kitchen enables multiple cooks to work. This type can save space and works best for congested areas.


  1. L-Shaped kitchen

Two interconnected perpendicular rows create this form of the kitchen, just like the letter L. This shape allows you to consider your cabinetry to move to your desired place. Hence it gives a more light or minimal look. It is by far the most moderate and easy-going pattern for kitchen freaks. You can save the middle portion from unnecessary cabinets.

Quadrangle space is ideal for pursuing this layout. It perfectly works for spacious kitchens as well as average ones.


  1. U-Shaped Kitchen

A satisfactory layout if you need more storage or cabinets. Though this shape is ideal for a spacious kitchen, you can also plan thoroughly for your small-scale kitchen. Consider not having full of cupboards all around to as not to feel suffocated.

This layout also grants multiple cooks to work. Using the work triangle theory, you can easily plan your U-shaped kitchen.


  1. The Island Kitchen

Considering the luxury it gives, it can be a speculative choice for grandeur-loving persons. It is well-liked among expansive kitchen lovers. As the Island becomes the attraction of the center, the surroundings need to be wide. A joined dining and kitchen can also be ideal for being an Island kitchen.

An Island counter can come with an ample surface, a sink, and a bar. Also, you are free to customize it according to your taste. In addition, multiple cooks can use this counter too. Moreover, it can simply be a gathering area for family and friends.

More Additions to Compatible Kitchen Design

Apart from the layouts, there are multiple sets of arrangements you can consider for your kitchen. A breakfast counter, multifunctional furniture like an appliance garage, and a dropdown mini table can be an addition to your kitchen.

A breakfast counter can add coziness to your kitchen. A customized appliance garage in the shelf space can store many of your cooking appliances like mixers and blenders.

For a minimalist, a dropdown table can be a great add-on in the kitchen in place of a table.

Additionally, there are other approaches you can use to design your kitchen for compatibility.


Use of Lighting in Designing a Kitchen

Lighting is always a factor in designing any compartment. We often miss the wonder that lights can do in our kitchens. While natural light would be best for the daytime, you need suitable lighting after the sunset. For example, spotlights, cove lights, or strip lights can positively change your kitchen’s tone.

You can witness a whole new dimension of your kitchen just by playing a little with the lighting.

How Kitchen Design Can Affect Household Life

Only if you are not a person who lives on takeovers you can’t deny the necessity of a kitchen. Our family or we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Common sense will tell you what a messy and shapeless kitchen can do to a human mind. It can make us hate to enter that suffocating room.

Cooking can be so relaxing just by following some simple kitchen design steps. Rather it becomes havoc without considering any pre-plan for kitchen layout.

That being the case, being mindful regarding designing our kitchen can save us in the long run.


When it comes to organizing and designing a home or construction like a restaurant kitchen plays a central role. Nevertheless, there is no way you can put an end to this creative madness of innovation in the design plans.

Kitchen layouts are going to become more and more prevalent.

But when you find the most syncing kitchen design to your taste, it completes your job. So, do not get flooded with design ideas. Rather, pick up the one that syncs with you the most. You are free to get help from professionals too. Wish you all the best.