9 Intuitive Ways to Display Your TV

If you want to decorate or redecorate your house, the living room is a focal point since it first greets outsiders. Your TV wall is a big eye-catcher, so finding unique and unusual ways to display your TV can bring a new look. Are you tired of the same few TV styles you see everywhere? See the nine methods below to find your match.

Framed TV

If you have been on social media recently, some talk has been going on about framed TV. Making the TV camouflage into your living space as a still picture is a modern idea that is receiving many interior decorators’ attention. You can find these frames being built by a few TV brands. If your TV brand does not make these frames, you can create one by looking at online tutorials or getting someone to make one for you professionally.
With the TV, you can choose from an infinite amount of pictures. It is a fresh take on digital art to decorate your living room. Whether you like nature, abstract art, portraits, or have your originals, you can set it on your TV to display for when you have guests over. Beware of putting a picture on for too long since it can cause image burn on your LCD screen.

Art Wall

For people keen on collecting or creating art, a good option is to create a gallery wall around the TV. Put up a shelf slightly above the TV and place a few pieces there along with other decoration items. If you are a fan of symmetry, you can place same-sized art wall prints on either side of the TV. However, do not be afraid to play with the different frame sizes. Create what feels best to you.
Placing your chosen set of pictures on the floor can give you options to shuffle them however you like and hang them up afterward. Admire your colorful wall when done!


Not so keen on art? There are more decorating options to choose from. Same way as framed art, you can hang up mirrors. The reflection helps a room to brighten up. You can look for a mirror online, at your nearby stores, or thrift shops.
Choose symmetrical mirrors for both sides or give it your twist and play around with shapes. There are heaps of shaped mirrors that you can find. If you like a structure but do not like the color, you can always paint it to your liking. You can also paint them the same color as your wall to give an illusion of windows.
Book Shelf
Surround your TV with a decorative, built-in bookshelf to not only bring a colorful background but also give your books a designated showcase. If you have a big collection of books or would like to in the future, this is a great way to display them. Your living room will immediately welcome your guests, letting them know about your interests and hobby.
The style and type of shelves can vary depending on the number of books you need to place on them. You can have minimalistic light shelves with a few books and decoration items. On the other hand, you can create a bold look with more heavy-duty shelves and a larger number of books. This way of decorating brings functionality and aesthetics together to create a beautiful living space.

Color Block

If the other methods seem like too much work, you can settle for a simple paint job. A common and most effortless way to decorate the TV wall is to paint a frame around it on the wall. It can be a solid rectangle or any other shape you desire.
A more creative way is to paint the entire wall behind the TV. You can freehand any pattern by looking online, or you can create your own. An easy method is to take a few colors from your living room color palette and make shapes with masking tape separating the pigments. Peel the tape off at the end, and you will be surprised how little effort it takes to have a gorgeous outcome.


With a TV in the bedroom, you will not have many furniture options or space. In such a scenario, you can make your dresser for bedroom a multifunctional piece by storing your clothes and supporting your TV. If you like the idea of mounting the TV on the wall, you can still do that above your dresser. The dresser underneath can eliminate the negative space and conceal the wires dangling below.
Put some decorative items on the dresser to better frame your TV. Display some jewelry, candles, gemstones, showpieces, etc. The small portion of cable from the TV to the top of your dresser can be covered up by cord covers painted with the same color as your wall.

Ceiling TV

If you are building your dream home, a way to cover the TV entirely is by creating a slot in the ceiling. The drop-down lift lets your TV go into the roof through the push of a button. This method may seem impossible to do after the building stage but fret not; there is another way you can hide your TV in the ceiling.
A motorized flip-down ceiling TV mount offers a creative way to do the same. These options let you hide the TV when not in use, giving a clean look. You can look into the instructions of each to see which is more doable. They might also inspire other options with less hassle.

Mini Theatre

While having a TV is fine, some may choose not to have one in their homes. In this case, a projector and screen combination is excellent to explore. You can easily set up the screen to drop down from the ceiling. You can also retract it when not in use, so it does not interfere with your interior. There is a vast market for mini projectors if you do not want a big projector to take up space.
This setup gives you the experience of a mini theatre at home for cozy and relaxing evenings. Just make sure you can block the light coming from outside with thick or double curtains.

Rotating Unit

For homes with the living room and bedroom side by side, a good method to access the TV from both places is by building a rotating unit. You can either make just the TV portion rotate or a big chunk. The area you want to turn entirely depends on your taste and ability to rebuild.
A rotating unit can look sleek and unrecognizable when built well. So look for ideas online and note down what you like or dislike. Do not be limited to using this method only for mentioned areas since this option opens the scope for creative and functional spacing.

Final Words

Reading all these unique and unusual ways to display your TV screen may spark an idea or two to turn an old and boring TV setup into a modern and fresh one. Some may seem like a small change, but these few changes bring refreshment and new liking to your space.